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Through digital car key KEY+

Non-face-to-face vehicle sharing service

Meet KEY+ O2O .

Car wash and vehicle maintenance on a business trip from a seated seat, in KEY+.

As of 2020, there is a new market with 24 million registered vehicles in Korea, and about 1.82 million vehicles each year, and now it is changing to an era of sharing rather than owning a vehicle.

Beyond the convenience of simply having no keys to travel, we aim for further growth by providing O2O services that easily and quickly share vehicles with a smartphone to wash and repair vehicles.

Partnership Inquiry

We intend to provide a non-face-to-face vehicle service platform that enables car washing at seats and vehicle maintenance through the digital key 'KEY+' that can control and share vehicles by expanding the smartphone-based digital key service, a key technology in the era of car sharing .

Together with'KEY+' of Special One, we are looking for a partner who will approach customers with new services that were not available in the existing market.

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