​Now, do KEY+ .

Smart driving without a car key

​Goodbye for uncomfortable car keys, now all you need is KEY+!

Introducing KEY+

Meet KEY+, your convenient driving partner. Car key into your smartphone in just 3 minutes.


Why should KEY+ do?


Even beginners alone!

Easy 3-minute installation

For the first time in the world , the complex installation process by experts was terminalized. Even beginners can assemble and install by themselves in just 3 minutes! Experience the easy installation of KEY+, which can be installed without worrying about vehicle damage.

​Automatically open and close

Auto door function

Do you still take out the car key and press the button?

Don't press the button! KEY+'s auto door system opens automatically when you get close to the car, and closes automatically when you get away. Try it!

Just like sending and receiving messages,

Simple vehicle sharing

You don't have to meet to give you a car key. Share your car from a distance without meeting them. Just like sending and receiving messages on a smartphone, you can give permission to use the vehicle with just a click from the KEY+ app and retrieve it again. ​Share your car anytime, anywhere!

Just one smartphone!

Multiple vehicle management

Car keys that were difficult to manage, integrated management with one smartphone. Register multiple vehicles in KEY+ and manage them conveniently anytime, anywhere.

Purchasing process

Simplified process through patented installation method that does not require installation experts,

It is the only product that cuts the complex process from payment to purchase to two days.

KEY+ (Average 1-2 days)

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Courier receipt ·

​Product assembly and installation completed

​Order and payment

Third party product   (Average 7 days)

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Travel installation reservation

​(Takes up to 7 days)

Expert assembly process

Professional visit installation

(Takes 30~120 minutes)

​Order and payment

Shipped to car key companies


Customer Support

How do I purchase KEY+ products?

KEY+ products are currently sold through the Naver Store.

Are there any restrictions on supported phone models?

KEY+ products may have restrictions on the use of functions when using some old smartphones. (For Android, it can be used with version 9.0 or higher and iOS version 13.0 or higher.)

What types of vehicles are available?

Vehicles in the list of applicable vehicle types can be used immediately after purchase, and even if you do not have a vehicle model in the list, send the vehicle key to install.

​I would like to receive product related consultation.

Please use the KEY+ customer center channel.

​Customer Center

Phone: 02-2656-9995 (weekdays 09:00~18:00)

Email: sokeyplus@naver.com


Partnership Inquiry

Together with KEY+ of Special One, we are looking for a partner who will approach customers with new services that were not available in the existing market.

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