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Terms of Service

Article 1 (Purpose)

These terms and conditions are intended to define the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between HL Holdings Corp. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and the users of the internet homepage services provided under the Telecommunications Business Act and its Enforcement Decree.


Article 2 (Effect and Amendment of the Terms)

1. These terms and conditions shall take effect upon notification or announcement to the users through the homepage or other means after the public notice procedure according to Article 31 of the Telecommunications Business Act and Article 21-2 of its Enforcement Rules.

2. The Company may amend these terms and conditions without prior notice, and the amended terms will be announced in the method specified in Article 9. Members who do not agree with the revised terms may cancel their membership registration, and continued use will be considered as acceptance of the amendments. The revised terms will come into effect immediately upon announcement.


Article 3 (Regulations outside the Terms)

Matters not specified in these terms and conditions shall be governed by the Basic Telecommunications Act, Telecommunications Business Act, and other relevant laws and regulations.


Article 4 (Definition of Terms)

The definitions of the terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows:

1. Member: A person who has provided personal information for membership registration and continuously receives information and can use the services.

2. User: Refers to both members and non-members who receive the Company's services under these terms.

3. ID: A combination of letters and numbers selected by the member and approved by the Company for member identification and service use.

4. Password: A combination of letters and numbers selected by the member for the protection of their confidentiality in communications.

5. E-mail: Mail via the internet.

6. Termination: Indicates the intention to end the service usage contract by the Company or the member after service use.

7. Homepage: A virtual service space set up by the Company using computer and other information and communication equipment, allowing users to view and use.


Article 5 (Provision and Change of Service)

1. The services provided by the Company are as follows:

   1) Promotional content about the Company

   2) Information on products sold by the Company

   3) Various information provided by the Company

   4) Customer consultation service

   5) Member use services

2. The Company may add or change the contents of the services if necessary.


Article 6 (Interruption of Service)

1. The Company may temporarily suspend the provision of services in case of maintenance/check/replacement of computer or information and communication equipment, failure, or disconnection of communication.

2. In case of service interruption as per paragraph 1, the Company will notify users by the method specified in Article 9.

3. The Company is not liable for any damages incurred to users or third parties due to the temporary suspension of services, except in cases of intentional or gross negligence by the Company.


Article 7 (Membership Registration)

1. Users apply for membership registration by expressing their consent to these terms after filling in the membership information according to the form set by the Company.

2. Users must register for membership with their real names, and only one membership application per resident registration number is allowed.

3. The Company registers the users who apply for membership as per paragraph 1 as members unless they fall under any of the following categories:

   1) If the name is not a real name

   2) If there are false entries, omissions, or errors in the registration content

   3) If the application is made using someone else's name

   4) If the applicant has previously lost membership qualifications under Article 8, paragraph 3 (except for those who have obtained the Company's consent for re-membership after 3 years since the loss of membership qualifications)

   5) Children under the age of 14

   6) Other cases where the membership application requirements set by the Company are not met

4. The membership contract comes into effect when the Company's approval reaches the user.

5. Members must directly modify and register changes in the registration items as per Article 10, paragraph 1.


Article 8 (Withdrawal and Loss of Membership)

1. Members can request withdrawal from the homepage at any time, and the homepage will immediately respond to the request.

2. If a member falls under any of the following reasons, the Company may restrict or suspend the member's qualifications:

   1) When false content is registered at the time of application

   2) When intentionally disrupting the operation of the Company's services or threatening the order of service operation

   3) When using the service to perform actions prohibited by law or contrary to public order and morals

   4) When failing to comply with the member's obligations stated in Article 13

3. If the same act is repeated more than twice or is not corrected within 30 days after the Company restricts/suspends membership qualifications, the Company may deprive the member of their qualifications.

4. If the Company deprives a member of their qualifications, it will notify the member and process the withdrawal. In this case, the member will be given an opportunity to defend themselves before withdrawal.


Article 9 (Notification to Users)

1. When notifying users, the Company may use the email address provided by the user when using the service.

2. For notices to unspecified multiple users, the Company may substitute individual notices by posting them on the service bulletin board for at least one week.


Article 10 (Protection of Personal Information)

1. The Company collects the minimum necessary information when collecting user information. The following items are mandatory, and other items are optional:

   1) Name

   2) Login ID

   3) Password

   4) Nickname

   5) E-mail

2. When the Company collects personal information that can identify individuals, it must obtain the consent of the users.

3. The provided personal information cannot be provided to third parties without the user's consent, and all responsibility lies with the Company. However, the following cases are exceptions:

   1) When necessary for statistical creation, academic research, or market research, and provided in a form that cannot identify specific individuals

   2) When requested by national agencies according to related laws

   3) When there is a purpose for criminal investigation or a request from the Information and Communication Ethics Committee

   4) When there is a request according to procedures specified in other related laws

4. Users can view and correct their personal information held by the Company at any time.

5. Third parties who have received personal information from the Company shall destroy such personal information immediately upon achieving the purpose of provision.


Article 11 (Company's Obligations)

1. The Company shall make its best effort to provide continuous and stable services as specified in these terms and conditions.

2. The Company shall make its best effort to maintain/repair the service-related facilities in a constantly operational state and repair/restore them without delay in case of failure.

3. The Company must have a security system to ensure that users can safely use the services, protecting users' personal information.

4. The Company shall not send profit-oriented advertising emails that users do not want.


Article 12 (Duties of Members on ID and Password)

1. Members are responsible for the management of the ID and password assigned to them, and all consequences arising from negligence or misuse are the responsibility of the member.

2. If a member finds that their ID and password have been stolen or are being used by a third party, they must immediately notify the Company and follow the Company's guidance if provided.


Article 13 (Member's Obligations)

1. Members must comply with relevant laws, provisions of these terms and conditions, instructions for use, cautions, and other matters notified by the Company and should not engage in activities that interfere with the Company's work.

2. Members cannot use the service for any profit-making activities without the prior consent of the Company.

3. Members cannot use the information obtained by using the service without the prior consent of the Company for copying, reproduction, alteration, translation, publishing/broadcasting, or other methods, nor can they provide it to others.

4. Members must immediately change their personal information if there are any changes. All consequences arising from not modifying the member's information are the responsibility of the member.

5. Members must not engage in any of the following acts when using the service, and all consequences arising from such acts are the responsibility of the member:

   1) Illegitimately using other members' IDs

   2) Acquiring other members' email addresses and sending spam mails

   3) Actions related to criminal activity or otherwise related to criminal acts

   4) Acts that harm public morals or other social orders

   5) Acts that defame or insult the Company or others

   6) Acts that infringe on the rights of the Company or others, such as intellectual property rights

   7) Hacking activities or spreading computer viruses

   8) Sending commercial information against someone's will continuously

   9) Any act that threatens or may threaten the stable operation of the service

   10) Changing the content provided by the service

   11) Other acts that violate related laws


Article 14 (Deletion of Posts)

1. The Company may delete posts without prior notice if the user's post on the service is in violation of Article 13 or is judged to correspond to the following items:

   1) Content that defames or slanders other users or third parties

   2) Content that violates public order or good morals

   3) Content that is deemed to be related to criminal acts

   4) Content that infringes

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