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Terms of Membership

Chapter 1: General Provisions
Article 1 [Purpose) These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the Internet Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") provided by the Service Provider Special Number One Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" (Hereinafter referred to as "Member") who is a member of the Company and its members (users who have agreed to these Terms and Completed Member Registration) • It is intended to define obligations and responsibilities.
Article 2 (Specification of Terms, Effect and Amendment) ① The Company shall post on the initial screen of the Service so that the members can easily understand the contents of these Terms and Conditions. ② The Company may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws such as Online Digital Content Industry Development Act, Consumer Protection Laws in Electronic Commerce, Laws on the Regulation of the Terms and Consumer Basic Law. (3) If the Company amends the Terms and Conditions, it shall specify the date of application and the reason for the amendment and revision of the existing terms and conditions of the amendment, together with the existing terms and conditions, for a period of not less than fifteen (15) In case of a disadvantage to the member, it will be announced on the service homepage for a considerable period after the application date and 30 (thirty) days before the application date, and the existing member will be notified by sending the revised terms to the email address given by the company. ④ When the Company notifies the member pursuant to the preceding paragraph and notifies the member of the intention to deny the notification from the notice date and 7 days after the effective date of the amendment, if the notice clearly states that it is considered approved, . If a member does not agree with the revised terms, the member may terminate the contract in accordance with the provisions of Article 17, Paragraph 1.
Chapter 2 Membership and Management
Article 3 (Membership Procedure) ① If the service user reads the agreement and clicks the "Accept" button or check the "Check", etc., the user consents to the agreement. ② Membership for the service use of the Company shall be made by the service user after agreeing as in Paragraph 1, enter the necessary information including the member ID in the online membership application form set by the company, and click the "Register" or "Confirm" button Press the button. However, if the company deems it necessary, the member may be required to submit separate documents. ③ If you are a corporate customer, you will need to submit additional documents to be determined by the Company in addition to the payment of the service fee. ④ If you are a member of a corporate customer, if the service user is different from the service provider, the company may require proof of identity to confirm it.
Article 4 (Establishment and Reservation and Rejection of Membership Registration) ① Member registration shall be established by applying for membership of the service user in accordance with the procedures set forth in Article 3 and by accepting the member registration of the company. When the applicant completes the application for membership by faithfully filling in the required information, the company shall confirm the necessary information and accept it without delay. However, except when submitting a separate application form is required in addition to submitting the membership application form. ② The Company may reserve the acceptance of membership registration if it falls under any of the following items. 1. If there is no realistic room for the provided service facility capacity 2. If it is determined that there is a technical problem in providing the service 3. If you have applied for membership as a corporate customer and have not fulfilled the obligations under Paragraphs 3 to 4 of Article 3 4. Other companies deemed necessary financially and technically ③ The Company may refuse membership registration if it falls under any of the following cases. 1. If you have made a false statement on the application form or filed an application with false documents 2. If the applicant has applied for membership as a corporate customer and has not fulfilled the obligations under Paragraphs 3 to 4 of Article 3 within a certain time period specified by the Company separately 3. A child under the age of 14 has not received consent from the parent's legal representative to provide personal information. 4. If the other company acknowledges that there is a possibility that the company may be opposed to the social order and the morals on the basis of relevant laws and regulations. 5. If a member who has terminated the contract pursuant to Article 17 (2) applies for membership again
Article 5 (Responsibility to Manage Member ID, etc.) ① The member shall be responsible for all disadvantages caused by the member's intention and negligence such as the member ID for the service use, responsibility for the management of the password, fraudulent use by the third party of the user ID. However, if this is caused by the intention or negligence of the company, the company shall bear the responsibility. ② When a member recognizes that member ID, password and additional information are stolen or used by a third party, he / she should immediately take measures such as correcting his / her password. I have to follow.
Article 6 (Collection of personal information, etc.) The Company collects necessary personal information from members in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations in order to provide services.
Article 7 (Change of Member Information) If a member falls under any of the following subparagraphs, he / she shall immediately change such information in the Member Information Management page. In this case, the Company shall not be liable for the damage caused by the member's failure to change the Member's information, and in the case of corporate members, the Company may change it in a manner prescribed by the Company. 1. Date of birth, place of residence, contact information, etc. 2. Mailing Address, Hobby, Interest, etc. 3. Receipt of newsletters by service etc. 4. Other Company-approved Matters

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice
Purpose List Retention period
· Services, identification of users and confirmation of identity
· Delivery of notices, confirmation by the principal, handling of complaints, etc.
· Ensure a smooth communication path
· You can not join under the age of 14
· Name
· ID
· E-mail
· 3 years after membership withdrawal
· Constructing a database to improve statistics and product services on collected information · Car Type
· Time Record
· Driving Route
· Fuel efficiency
· Other information
· All records are stored in the form of data that does not contain personal information to ensure user anonymity.